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  • President
  • Name: Dr. Tomás Landete-Castillejos
  • Post address : P.O. Box 1198, 02080 Albacete, Spain
  • E-mail: info.iduba@gmail.com

Dr. Tomás Landete-Castillejos (Albacete, Spain). He graduated from University of Valencia as Biologist, speciality of Zoology (end of degree award for best two students). He got his PhD in Nottingham University (UK, in 1997) and started to work in the University of Castilla-La Mancha first in the area of Environment, and in 1998, in deer. University of Castilla-La Mancha has the best experimental deer farm in Europe after that in Prague, and in his research group, and working with that of Ludek Bartos, Radim Kotrba and rest of Czech deer research group in Institute of Animal Science, he published more than 75 papers in 14 areas of science (from animal science or zoology, to bone science and medicine). Most of them are related to lactation, and also in antler science, where his group is the leading one examining mineral composition, mechanical properties of antler bone material and histological structure, in order to diagnose nutrient deficiencies and management problems. He has wide interest in other areas, from animal behaviour to medical applications of his research in antlers, and in 2012 published an alternative theory on human osteoporosis based on one hand in his studies of the role of manganese deficiency causing breakage in antlers, and in clinical data from patients with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis having or not diseases producing brain malfunction. Since 2013 he was elected President of IDUBA. Dr. Tomas Landete also is a member of the scientific committee organizing the most important scientific deer congress (International Deer Biology Congress) since 2010. From beginning of May 2017, he became professor in animal science in the school of agronomy and forestry (ETSIAM), university of Castilla-La Mancha.

  • Vice –President( EU)
  • Name: Dr. Dainis Paeglītis
  • Post address: LWABA-SDAA, Saulstari Farm,
    Sigulda, LV-2170 Letonia
  • E-mail: deerparks@inbox.lv

Dr. Dainis Paeglitis (Riga, Latvia, 1949). He graduated in 1971 in Riga Politechnical Institute Chemistry Dep. After working as scientist (from 1971 till 1993 Institute of Wood Chemistry Academy of Sci. Latvia; starting from engineer till director of department; 1986. deg. of cand. chem. sci.; 1992. deg. Dr. chem.; 1989 – award of Council of Minicters Latvian SR ), he created his first company in building materials in 1991. After Latvia got free from SU, his family got back his grandparents’ land in the countryside (ca 40 ha). Knowing nothing about agriculture he decided to make a deer enclosure to avoid to cut the grass in the surrounding of house and also to have a nicer view. He started with 8 ha and 5 animals from local forest, today he has about 300 ha land (170 in several enclosures) with 500 animals and status of certified selection breeding farm. At present, Safari park MORE (Saulstari deer farm) is one of the best known deer farms in Europe. Dainis is a very innovative businessman, and his approach is to use all available sources of business around deer farming (in addition to export of alive animals, meat production, he also offers guided tours for families and schools, wedding photograph sessions, etc.). He organizes the international antler valuation event since 2008. In 2013, the year of creation of IDUBA, he became Vice President for EU, although he has actively worked for the association in all countries, contacting authorities and private companies both in Eastern European countries, as well as New Zealand, and others.

  • Vice -president of the Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia) and the Middle East (Iran, Iraq and Turkey)
  • Name:Tofig Hasanov
  • Address: Safari Park, Shamakhi, Azerbaijan
  • E-mail: azerekov@gmail.com

Tofig Hasanov (Shahbuz, Azerbaijan, 1965). In 1989 he graduated from Baku State University, in the Department of Physics, and he has a degree of Master in Physics. From 2003 to 2007 he made his postgraduate studies in the Institute of Philosophy at the ANAS (National Academy of Sciences in Azerbaijan). After graduating, he founded and directed for 19 years the poultry cooperative “Hatira”. In 2009 he left it to become General Director of “Mucuhaftaran Ltd” (breeding company of cattle and small cattle), and in 2012, he became Executive Director of “Azer Toxum Ltd”. In 2013 Tofig Hasanov established and became director of the “AzerEkov Ltd” a farm (Safari Park Shamakhi, 600 ha in the forest of the same name) starting in his country the breeding of wild ungulates. In order to learn, he visited some farms in Europe, where he met Dr. Dainis Paeglitis. Under collaboration with him, Tofig brought bought 420 game ungulates of high genetic value in several European countries, which bred to 500 in 2015. In 2014 by recommendation of Dr. Dainis he was chosen as a vice-president of IDUBA in the Caucasus region (Azerbaijan, Georgia) and in the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Turkey). Azerbaijan and the nearby countries constitute a new and promising market for deer breeding, and Mr Hasanov is not just opening and showing the way to fellow nationals, but also has the support and interest of Azerbaijan government. The aim of deer breeding and that of other game ungulates is hunting, breeding deer for trophies (to be released in hunting areas), selling to other farms or game estates, or export to nearby countries starting in this business, venison production, and production of traditional Chinese medicine products for export (velvet antlers, tails, tendons, etc.). Mr. Tofig Hasanov is also author of articles in most reputed journals of Azerbaijan. He speaks Russian and Turkish fluently, but he can also be contacted in English.