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Why join IDUBA?

Here you can find information about IDUBA and the services that it could provide you if you become a member:

EVERY MEMBER has the right to put an advert in IDUBA newsletters about services / products / deer for sale, etc. To do this, you only need to send a short text about the advertised object. We will process it and translate it in the 3 working languages of IDUBA. You can see examples of adverts in our Newsletters in section “News”!
On our website there is a section “IDUBA members” – every member of IDUBA can send logo of the farm or company or institution and we will post a link there to their Internet-page. If you don’t have web-page- no problem, we can upload just your logo and you will be visible for all the visitors of our web-page.
Each member of IDUBA can send us the photos of the parks, farms, products and services to our photo gallery, making additional advertising for their business.
Our database is growing every month, hundreds of people are surfing our web site every month! Your efforts to send logo, photo or text from your side are minimal- but it can bring you new customers and potential business partners!.

We are working on our Internet-page constantly, we track the number of visitors,we promote the page among the potential members and your new potential partners.


  • We offer to our members database of potential clients, partners, breeders,companies, related to deer breeding about nutrition,processing the meat, genetic, fencing, projection of the farms, wholesellers of antlers, velvet. This database is a great result of huge intensive work during many years.
  • Only IDUBA members have access to the private part of our website, to all the reports from all the conferences, scientific articles, videos, etc.
  • We offer Newsletters for members 6 times per year (which reveals the most important problems of the industry,many interesting articles about nutrition and animal management, interviews with the most successful breeders in Europe and New Zealand, excerpts from scientific articles and recent research, as well as other useful information for everyone engaged in deer breeding and business).
  • Members of IDUBA have special quota for participation in conferences,sponsors also do not pay the fee stands at the meetings, organized by the Association.
  •  We offer consulting services: replying to your questions after asking the top managers and the best deer veterinarians; technical information in all languages, spoken by IDUBA head office members. This would be impossible or very long if you make it yourself, but you can get specific information in a day or two if you ask IDUBA.
  •  We provide free translations Russian-English-Spanish and more: IDUBA offers right now translations English-Spanish-Russian to members, who need this service for their web pages or business e-mails. We can also offer possibility of making phone calls in these languages to get faster and more direct reply from companies of interest to IDUBA members.
  •   Any other service, that you may request to IDUBA and we can offer you.We create and keep a trust image-trade mark for IDUBA members : to promote your company in several countries would be difficult and expensive, but having the logo of IDUBA on your web page , the link to your company within IDUBA and the availability of your details to companies, contacting us- you will avoid this cost.By adding the IDUBA logo on your web page, you show your international ability and also you will be recognized by companies, that already know IDUBA. If you are a sponsor -your logo will be also displayed on the top of IDUBA web page and on the bottom with slogan of brief description of provided services, the logo of sponsors can be found also on all the newsletters and other documents IDUBA (certificates, diplomas,invoices, headed papers etc.), as well as in any other form, which can show IDUBA their mission. Right now, IDUBA is serving news not only for hunting magazines all over Europe, but also for Russian news providers, which is starting to consolidate this public image of IDUBA.

    IDUBA is not a business, it is an association to offer services, and your fee is for paying for improving and maintaining the services the association gives. It is important for members outside the EU that IDUBA can make invitation letters to come to meetings, and travel within the EU with matters related to IDUBA area of business.

  • Please, bear in mind, how important is to be a member of an international association that: 1st) is working constantly to make itself(and her members) known and recognisable as useful and trustable; 2nd) it is much more effective, that such trusted association shows the strengths of each deer breeder or company, their awards or achievements and competitive advantages, than if they do it themselves. In this way, IDUBA applies his image of quality to its members, and is the effective way to promote them. Single deer breeders and most small companies do not have time and team for this promotion; and even larger companies cannot benefit so much from their own campaigns as they benefit from the larger wide audience of an association that is publishing articles in all areas of deer breeding!

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION:the membership year starts from the date of payment the fee till the the same date next year.Dont wait January, you will make a great decision to join IDUBA right now!