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As indicated, the Constitution of IDUBA tells that some members can be sponsors. At the moment, our association has the list of sponsors shown below.

Our sponsors:
VVS Vermerovice ,Czech Republic


Premin, Czech Republic


The company has more than 43 years of history, but until recently they had worked on cattle. In 2010, they moved to the deer and game ungulate feeding sector. They started with mouflons. Based in Czech Republic, the company has 3 branches in neighbouring countries – Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania, and work in partnership in another 4 countries including United Arab Emirates. They produce more than 7200 tonnes of vitamin-mineral feeds and premixes. For wild animals, VVS markets its products under Premin brand. Premin range includes mineral feeds both loose and pellets, and pelleted compound feed, which contains minerals, protein and other nutrients. VVS works with the research groups of Ludek Bartos/Radim Kotrba in Prague and of Dr. Landete-Castillejos in Spain. The company is open to cooperate with deer farmers over Europe. The long term cooperation with the world record roe deer breeder and 2006 world record deer breeder of mouflon, both located in Czech Republic, should be mentioned as VVS-Premin best references.

Tornado Wire Ltd ,UK


Tornado has been manufacturing and supplying wire fencing for deer farms and estates for over 30 years. We are the only fencing manufacturer to have evolved from a farming and fence contracting business; this experience has given us a unique understanding and knowledge of exactly how a fence needs to perform in the field. We pay meticulous attention to detail, consistently designing and producing the highest quality and best value deer fencing solutions, combined with our industry-leading support and technical advice. We understand that deer farmers’ toughest challenge is safeguarding their animals. Tornado Deer Fencing, made from high tensile steel, offers unrivalled strength, security and comprehensive protection against deer escaping and external dangers.
We enjoy working with deer farmers and we are happy to assist with your fencing needs.

Silva Moreira ,Portugal


Silva Moreira, portuguese company, was established in 1910, more than a century ago, and has ever since produced different types of fences, wires, posts and gates. For game estates or deer farms, they use NODIMOR Fence with fixed knot. With the experience of over a century fabricating wire products, Silva Moreira considers Nodimor Fixed Knot the best animal and agricultural fence in the world. The relation quality/resistance/price is unbeatable. Fences are produced with wires 2,5 mm (knot wire 2,24 mm), high tensile, and heavily galvanized. It’s a fence to last for decades!

Deerland, Russia


Deerland company provides a full range of products and services for people who plan to install enclosures in deer farms or game estates.
With regard to fences, Deerland is an official dealer of J.SILVA MOREIRA company-the leading European manufacturer with fixed knot NODIMOR, as well as the exclusive distributor of ROBERTSON ENGINEERING Ltd company in Russia – New Zealand producer of equipment for agricultural needs. Deerland works in partnership with Russian and foreign experts in the field of hunting, deer farming, construction of facilities for keeping and breeding of wild ungulates. The company offers the following services:
• Fencing construction with modern and reliable materials both for game estate fences and any internal enclosures/paddocks in deer farms.
• Design, adapted to your needs, wild ungulate species, weather condition, and local geography/soil structure of enclosures for game estates and farms. It is very important to have a good start, because a good initial design will save you working costs, loss of animals, accidents, etc.
• All the equipment and infrastructure for deer farming or to keep deer in game estate.
• Sale and delivery to your farm or game estate of European wild ungulates for farming and hunting (fallow deer, European mouflon, red deer, wild boars, ask for other species). Deerland cooperates directly with the best breeders worldwide and experts in deer reproductive manipulation, genetics, and nutrition. Thus, they can guarantee an excellent quality of the trophy of delivered animals, health state, appropriate nutrition during growth, etc. All animals pass thorough a veterinary control in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Not only animals, but all other goods and services we provide have a guarantee.
The experts of Deerland keep an updated international knowledge in deer nutrition, veterinary care, farming, and all other areas in ungulate husbandry. They attend the most important scientific and professional meetings, have contact with the main international breeders and specialized companies, visit often foreign colleagues and thus, they are in a unique situation to adapt the gained knowledge to the Russian environment, climate, and particularities of the different regions of our country. They continuously attempt to adapt and invent new technologies, thus continuing the improvement of their own experience.

AzerEkov Ltd (Safari Park, Shamakhi), Azerbaijan www.azerekov.com

The AzerEkov Ltd was created in 2013 in Azerbaijan and it was a start for maintenance of wild ungulates in this country. It was created with 420 genetically valuable wild ungulates in several European countries. Nowadays the Safari Park Shamakhi (“AzerEkov Ltd.”) occupies 600 hectares (including 400 hectares of fenced territory), located in the beautiful mountain- forest Shamakhi region of Azerbaijan. Deer breeding is a type of farming with very good perspectives in this area. Beeding has a wide range of uses: venison production, hunting and photo hunting, breeding deer for trophies, use in the pharmaceutical industry (antlers in velvet, bones, skin), tourism, breeding and selling of the genetically high quality animals in the east countries, as well as the improvement of the environment in Azerbaijan.
Unfortunately, at this moment the site of the park is under reconstruction, but you can see some photos in our photo gallery and to be in touch with Mr.Tofig Hasanov via mail:azerekov@gmail.com or by phone numbers: (994) 503 630 306/ (994) 559 090 505.

Moreda Riviere Trefilerías – MRT (Celsa Group™ (Spain) www.moreda.com/

Moreda Riviere Trefilerías (MRT), is the leading manufacturer of metal fencing in Spain and one of the main references of fencing in Europe. Thanks to its 150 years experience, its 2 manufacturing plants (180,000 m2 in Barcelona and 85,000 m2 in Gijón, Asturias), and its 400 employees, MRT produces 130,000 tons each year that are distributed in more than 60 countries.
Because they are part of Celsa Group™ (the largest private steel group in Spain and the fourth largest in Europe, with an annual production of 7 million tons of steel), MRT enjoys a unique situation. In fact, the wire rod (raw material for the manufactured fences) is supplied directly by Celsa Group™, which allows full control of all manufacturing stages. It includes drawing, galvanizing the wire, and the PVC coating of the enclosures.

The range product of MRT is very wide, starting with the specific meshes for hunting grounds such as the XK MRT® mesh, the FK MRT® fixed knot mesh or the HJ MRT® field fence. It also offers barbed wire, wire, welded mesh, panels, railings, gates…

BILAGRO (Russia) www.bilagro.com

In September 2017 BILAGRO LLC started to build a deer farm that should become the largest one in Europe. The investment project was implemented with the support of the Tula regional Government. Reaching the project capacity was planned for 2023.
The main products of our farm are chilled meat and premium-quality venison products, which are environmentally friendly. All our products they will be certified according to Halal and Kosher standards, as well as to EU Organic and USDA Organic standards. Our products will be sold both on the domestic Russian market, in Europe, in the countries of the Middle East and East Asia.
The project also includes:
* construction of a hunting trophy park of 600 hectares, a hotel for hunters and a restaurant;
* developing our own certified pharmaceutical manufacture, building a medical recreational center with deer velvet baths and other medical procedures directly on our farm;
* work with the selection of our herd and establishing the international genetic breeding center; we pay a great attention to reproduction programs and laboratory researches;
* project design, business plan and construction of “turnkey” farms; providing a full range of consulting services on all issues of deer industry; comprehensive support and management of your farm;
We are open for cooperation with IDUBA members and our colleagues from any country, we will be happy to share our experience. We are pleased to invite you to our farm so that you can see and evaluate our practical professional experience!

Safari-Park “Мushkino”(Russia)


The Safari-Park”Mushkino” offers a huge range of services for its guests: hotel, restaurant, hunting, fishing, russian banya (sauna), golf, shooting, zoo, horse riding, photography, swimming in the river, taxidermy services, excursions around the region. Business expansion in deer velvet production. In the future, it is planned to build a health recreation center with therapeutic velvet baths.

The Kaliningrad region with its unique history and nature, is rightfully considered one of the richest territories in Russia. The density of game here is incredibly high, and the level of service is great, just like the European Union neighbours have. Hunting tours (both individual and in a group) are organized for clients with a set of services, including comfortable transfer from the airport and wild game dinner, served in the forest.
Prussian style hunting:
individual hunting red deer stag;
individual hunting fallow deer stag;
individual hunting roe deer stag (from towers, stalking);
individual hunting wild boar (from towers, stalking);
hunting in a group for deer, wild boar and roe deer;
spring hunting for goose, drake;
summer-autumn hunting for game birds;
As well as:
hunting with dogs;
hunting during the rut;
Advantages of the park “Mushkino”:
-Experience in the organizing hunting tours for more than 20 years;
-Unique geolocations (The Klingbek Forest of the former noble estate Gross-Klingbek; Safari -Park, with an area of ​​almost 1000 hectares; The Reed Venice;The Balga Peninsula);
– Historically, the Kaliningrad region has always been famous for the quality of red deer and fallow deer trophies;
– The hunting season lasts all year round;
– Attractive prices;
-Nice service and individual approach to the client;
-Short air-flight, fast transfer and local movements, high quality roads;
– Its about two hours of trip from “Mushkino” to the border with Lithuania, to Poland – its just twenty minutes. If you have a Schengen visa, you can extend your vacation and go to a trip right after the end of the hunting tour.