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Types of membership

According to type of business, IDUBA has two types of members:

1. Breeders. These are those members who breed deer or wild ungulates no matter in which type of area (farm, deer park, or game estate). The transfer of technology and science, latest news on these topics,searching new contacts/business partners for selling/ buying animals/good genetic and other issues,participation in conferences and other activities of IDUBA are of special importance for them, as a great part of the activities of the association are devoted to find and publicize this type of information for breeders.

2. Non breeders. These are members who do not breed deer, but whose business depends mainly on deer and other wild ungulates. These companies range from those who buy antlers(El Abuelo), process meat (DIBE), make feed (VVS),install fences( Tornado/Silva Moreira/Deerland)or those who organize hunting or export/import antlets,velvet(“Abuelo”) or providind consulting services(Ullmannglass).

Any of these can be member at two types of level:

1. Standard. These receive the logo of the Association, the right to use it, the newsletters( which reveals the most important problems of the industry,many interesting articles about nutrition and animal management,deer diseases, interviews with the most successful breeders in Europe and New Zealand, excerpts from scientific articles and recent research, as well as other useful information for everyone engaged in reindeer). Also they have right to get information about other members and possibilities of cooperation with them(we offer to our members database of potential clients, partners, breeders, this database is a great result of huge intensive work during many years and its still growing every month). Only IDUBA members have access to the private part of our website, to all the reports from all the conferences, scientific articles, videos, etc. For IDUBA members we are happy to provide special rates for conferences, trainings, the right for free translations in a reasonable amount (not exceeding much more of what would be the cost a translation for the value of their membership fee), searching of the contacts and other info in internet in other languages, etc.
EVERY MEMBER has the right to put an advert in IDUBA newsletters about services / products / deer for sale, etc. To do this, you only need to send a short text about the advertised object with your mail or web-page. We will process it and translate it in the 3 working languages of IDUBA. You can see examples of adverts in our Newsletters!
We are working on our Internet-page constantly,we track the number of visitors,we promote the page among the potential members / and your new potential partners.Each member of IDUBA can send us the photos of the parks, farms, products and services to our photo gallery of making additional advertising for business.
On our website there is a section “IDUBA member” – every member IDUBA can send (by your wish) logo of the farm or company or institution, we will post a link there to their Internet-page. If you don’t have web-page- no problem, we can upload just your logo and you will be visible for all the visitors of our web-page.
Our database is growing every month, hundreds of people are surfing our web site every month! Your efforts to send logo, photo or text from your part are minimal- but it can bring you new customers and potential business partners!
Membership fee is 250 €/year.

2. Sponsors. These pay four types the standard fee (1000 €/year), but they do not have constraints in amount of translation. Most importantly, their logo is displayed in the top of IDUBA web page,and in the bottom we install slogan of the sponsor with a brief description of their services, the logo of sponsors can be found also on all the ballot papers / newsletters and other documents IDUBA (certificates, diplomas,invoices, headed papers etc.), as well as in any other form, which can show IDUBA their mission .The sponsors have special quota for participation in conferences,they do not pay the fee stands at the meetings organized by the Association.
There are also Special Sponsors, whose conditions can be negotiated with the presidium.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:the membership year starts from the date of payment the fee till the the same date next year.Dont wait January, you will make a great decision to join IDUBA right now!

Services and advantages Standard member Sponsor member
Newsletters + +
Translations reasonable amount No limits
Use logo of IDUBA web-page web-page
Presence of member’s logo in IDUBA web-page, free adverts in Newsletters web-page, e-mail signature of Director
International Relationships, half
page advert in Newsletters, special
materials, list of sponsors in top
section of IDUBA main web page
Access to special information on web-page + +
Internet search in different languages reasonable amount No limits
Help in cooperation contacts, e-mail, phone calls contacts, e-mail, phone calls,
live translation if possible
Consulting services + +
Fee 250 €/year 1000 €/year