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History and International Extension

IDUBA was created in 2013 on the first meeting for professionals and scientists on deer: the European Meeting on Antlers and Deer (EMAD), organized in Spain. The organizer of the event and architect of IDUBA, Dr. Tomas Landete-Castillejos, was at the moment reputed scientist on deer, deer biology and management. He realized that: 1) There was no truly worldwide organization for deer breeders and managers, and many national organizations in all the world had little or no contact with organizations in other countries or continents; 2) That an Association, whose members were only deer breeders would lack an important stake holder: companies, that make business around deer and wild ungulates and who are in contact with deer breeders, but which do not breed deer themselves; 3) that in that moment (and also now) Russia had the greatest potential of growth of the sector (6,000 million €/year, as he published in some of his dissemination articles in one of the best Russian hunting magazines), and that other European and non-European countries could greatly benefit from cooperation with those starting deer breeding in Russia.

Thus, the creation of IDUBA was proposed on EMAD and Dr. Landete-Castillejos was elected as first President, and in turn he chose as Vice-President for EU, a deer breeder with extraordinarily innovative and great vision of the future in this sector: Dr. Dainis Paeglitis (Saulstari deer farm, Latvia). Within a few months, IDUBA had members in 4 continents (America, Asia, Europe and New Zealand in Oceania) in areas of business such as deer breeding, organization of hunting, import and export of antlers and deer products, feeds and nutrition of deer and wild ungulates, fencing, science companies in reproduction and genetics of deer. IDUBA was registered in Spanish Ministry of Interior in 2013 (num.: 604359 ; VAT num.: G-02550549).

For the last 5 years of life of our web page we have more than 26000 visits (you can check number of visits on the bottom of main page of IDUBA). We have members in more than 25 countries from America to Oceania (USA, New Zealand, Russia, China, UK, Azerbaijan and almost all EU countries). Our web page is updated almost weekly. In our plans is to expand the geography of the members. During the last years, the visits to our web page have grown exponentially from Australia, Canada, Iran, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and others. This means that we are very likely to have also members from these countries very soon and our deer society will expand more and more,that means more possibilities of business and cooperation for our members.
All this is the result of an intensive work and promotion not only through direct mailing, but also through social networks and agricultural portals. We are developing Facebook promotion of IDUBA (and our members too) from 2017 , and now this is one of the key flows of visits from this social network which redirects visits to IDUBA web page. You, members, benefit a lot, because visitors find your links in our web page, interviews with some of you in our Newsletters and, for sponsors, your logos are on the front page and on the top of Newsletters/Diplomas.
As you can see in the graph attached, the top 20 visitors, marked by colours, ranking from top down are: Russia, Spain, USA, UK, Canada, Latvia,Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, China, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, Kazahstan, Iran, Slovakia, Holland and Serbia- the list of countries with your potential partners for business.
The statistics of the boost in visits to our web page  https://iduba.info/ are these:
-1481 visits of new users from 11.07.2016-10.07.2017 (left semi-circle in the figure attached).
-3899 visits of new users (2.6 more), compared with the same period in the previous year (right semi-circle in the figure attached).

IDUBA WEB visitors

Statistics update for the end of 2020:

The number of general visits to our site at the end of 2020 (12/16/2020) has reached 44,909.
For comparison, let’s take the end of 2019 (12/16/2019) – the figure was 34 827.
Thus, the number of visits per year (old and new users) was 10,082.
Let’s see at the geography of new visitors by country in the graph and compare the two periods: 2019 and 2020.

Презентация eng

As you can see, the number of new visitors in 2019 has reached 2,483 (left semicircle in the figure), for 2020 the figure is already 6,000 new visits (right semicircle).
In 2019 we can highlight the following top 20 countries for new visits to our site: Russia, Spain, USA, UK, Latvia, Canada, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, China, New Zealand, Belarus, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Ireland , Australia, Argentina, Korea. In 2020 the top 20 countries are: USA, Spain, Russia, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Lithuania, Argentina, China, Australia, Latvia, France, Korea, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, New Zealand, Ireland.
IDUBA has a solid present, but most important: it has a brilliant future! We will keep informing you.