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Newsletter November-December 2021

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Very soon- Web Page of IDUBA will be also in german!

Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

New member of IDUBA   : Deer farm                                                                

country: Slovenia                                                          

Web: under the construction

Newsletter September-October 2021



  1. Read this if you only have 5 minutes: high inflation, scarcity of goods and services…, what is happening to the economy and how it can affect deer sector? A personal analysis.
  2. Another worrying news: outbreak of coronavirus detected in deer in US.
  3. Trip of vice president of IDUBA Tofig Hasanov to the Russian region of deer velvet farms: Altai.
  4. Changes in IDUBA web: German version and coming advert sliders.
  5. Elections for IDUBA president 2022-2026: call for candidates.
  6. Good idea to reduce deer car accidents? Reindeer antlers glowing in the night.
  7. Adverts.

Dear members of IDUBA, We would like to inform you, that all talks from Deer Conference in Latvia are already uploaded on the web page in the private part. You can download it like always, using your password and username.

The results of International Antler Competition, july 2021. Сongratulations!!!


2021 08 12 Picture of top 5 winning antlers Latvia

благородный олень

TOP 10 WINNERS (Fallow deer)


The full list of winners in all categories you can find here:

Antler Competition Results 2021 TOTAL

Newsletter July-August 2021

1. How it was: 2021’s International deer congress and antler competition in Latvia.
2. IDUBA chooses its first honour member for 20-year cooperation with scientists: Yolanda
Fierro (Spain).
3. Effect of castration in deer: peruke antlers in a Russian deer kept in a zoo.
4. Back to normality: 2020 World Deer Congress will be held in 2022 in Slovakia.
5. Traffic jam in deer congresses: the International Deer Biology Congress will be held in
September 2022 in Croatia.
6. New food sources: Bacterial protein for ruminants.
7. White deer free ranging in the south of Spain and white moose in Norway and Sweden.
8. Do you want to be agent for international hunters (or hunt) in Spain?: check this
9. Adverts.


Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

New member of IDUBA – Agricultural consumer processing cooperative “Byyandu”
country: Russia, Resp. Altay
Web: under the construction
Type of business: producing products from velvet on a water basis with the use of low-frequency currents, producing capsules from antlers and blood of maral, as well as cosmetic products and a soft drink line – tonics.

Newsletter May-June 2021

1. Fighting heat stress with water sprinkling leads to greater calf growth.
2. New world record of mouflon trophy hunted in Czech Republic, and it was
fed VVS Premin®.
3. Reindeer cowboys in Russian Artic: the second reindeer race of artic
4. New food sources: Have you thought about feeding your deer with aquatic
5. Beware of the toxic minerals for deer antler/bones: S, Pb, F.
6. International deer congress and antler competition in Latvia.
7. Adverts.

International deer congress and antler competition in Latvia, july 2021

Have a look more information in section “Events”!

Newsletter March-April 2021


You will contribute to cancer research by forwarding this video. Thank you!

Tags/deer velvet has anticancer effect/scientific investigations/ natural cancer treatment without side effect

THE LINK to this video in FACEBOOK: fb.watch/4jbI3ZTTEn/

Newsletter January-February 2021

1. Impacting finding: the deer velvet antler extract is anticancer against brain cancer
glioblastoma, and it could be a general anticancer extract.
2. Leader nutraceutic-Korean Medicine company HANSUN Trading Co., Ltd. joins IDUBA
3. IDUBA SPECIAL REPORT: Technology innovations in Precission Livestock Farming
(Part III).
4. IDUBA Sponsor DeerLand has started the construction of a chamois and bezoar goat
breeding center.
5. A white-patched deer calf is found in USA.
6. IDUBA business offer: If you have superb fallow deer trophies, sell them to Axmora.
7. A potential support for scientists working for deer breeders: president of IDUBA chosen
as editor of scientific journal Animals.
8. Astonishing video circulating in whatsapp: A male (?) red deer shot in Italy with antlers
and female genitals.
9. Adverts.


Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

New sponsor of IDUBA -“BILAGRO”

country: Russia

web: https://bilagro.com/

Type of business: deer farm

The extract of velvet antler is a powerful anti-cancer against a malignant brain cancer

An article published in the reputed scientific journal Scientific Reports by the group of IDUBA president professor Landete-Castillejos, and led by the researcher Louis Chonco and neurologist doctor Tomás Segura from the University Hospital of Albacete (Spain), shows that the extract of deer velvet antler is an anti-cancer as powerful as the chemotherapy used to treat a brain cancer known as glioblastoma.
This study, designed and led by doctor Chonco, shows that the velvet antler extract from the tip, but not from the middle parts of the antler, reduced the proliferation of two cell lines of glioblastoma by 38% and the colony formation by 84% (which could be considered as a form of metastasis ability), in addition to inhibit cell migration by 39% and produce other changes, but had no significant effect in healthy cells. The next step, as Drs. Chonco, Segura and Landete-Castillejos point, is to assess whether the extract, ingested or injected, can reduce glioblastomas in mice models. “This is particularly difficult because the nervous system is protected by the Blood-Brain Barrier, which filters many pharmaceutical drugs and other molecules”, they say.
This research work started after a talk on the peculiarities of antlers that was given by Professor Landete-Castillejos in the Research Departament of the University Hospital Complex of Albacete (CHUA) in 2019, where he pointed that the antler is a unique structure which grows faster than cancer: “from 1 to 4 cm/day in length, and it creates more than 20 cm2 of skin per day in the tip, the growing part”.
Doctor Louis Chonco, who in that moment worked in studies on glioblastoma with doctor Segura, suggested to carry out a test with his cell cultures. That sample were some pills of velvet antler that Dr. Landete-Castillejos had, which are sold in Internet as nutrateutic (food which has effects on health). Already in that preliminary test, the velvet extract showed to produce a mortality in a glioblastoma cell line, similar to that of Temozolomide (TMZ), “the only chemotherapy that can extend the life of the patients of this aggressive type of cancer”.
The study of the UCLM-CHUA is the first of non-asiatic research groups, and on the second type of cancer, in which velvet antler shows activity. “Both in glioblastoma as in prostate cancer, the extract produces a mortality in cell lines of both types of cancer, but produces no harm in healthy cell lines” they say, and they told that it was recently published an important paper in the journal Science, which indicated that such fast growth is achieved in the antler due to the expression of proto-oncogenes (similar to the genes producing cancer), and that the deer, in order to protect itself, developed genes suppressor of tumours.
According to a review article of professor Landete-Castillejos, probably the anti-cancer activity of the deer velvet antler extract is universal (it would affect most types of tumours), or at least, very wide.
The only studies published so far by Chinese-Koreans, showed anti-cancer effects of velvet extract in cell lines of prostate cancer, but also in mice models of xenografts. This is precisely the next step of the researchers Chonco, Landete-Castillejos and Segura in the coming months if they get funding to continue the study, as they said. One potential option is to set up a crowdfunding initiative. Within the research plans of Dr. Chonco, Landete-Castillejos and Segura, is not only to examine the mechanisms by which the deer velvet extract produces such effects in glioblastoma, but also if it is an anti-cancer compound of wide actions against breast, skin and colon cancers.
In addition of the possibility of being able to use velvet antler pills already for sale, these studies may show the path to find pharmaceutical drugs which are both powerful against cancer, but without the toxic effects of chemotherapy.
The article is available in: www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-79779-w
Legend of photograph attached: Part of the research team of the study. From right to left: Dr. Louis Chonco, Prof. Tomas Landete-Castillejos and Dr. Tomas Segura.
Press Agency UCLM. Albacete, 8 January 2021

2021 01 08 FOTO Nota prensa estudio UCLM cuerna anticanceriìgena en glioblastoma

Dear friends of IDUBA, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your body, a roof over your head and a place to sleep- you’re richer than 75% of the entire world. If you have money in your wallet, a little change, and can go anywhere you want- you are among the top 18% of the world’s wealthy people. If you are alive today with more health than illness- you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive this week and die. If you can actually ‘READ’ this message and understand it- you are more fortunate than the 3 billion people in the world who can not see, can not read or suffer mental retardation. Life is not complaining about pain and sorrows. It’s about a thousand other reasons to be grateful and happy!

Newsletter November-December 2020



  1. The forgotten side of nutrition: importance of nucleic acids.
  2. IDUBA’s first member from Serbia: the incredible hunting and business experience of Srdja Dimitrijevic.
  3. Germany shoots nearly 900,000 wild boars to stop African Swine Pest.
  4. The largest deer farm in Europe will be in Russia: interview with IDUBA member Alexander Bilibin, from Bilagro (https://bilagro.com/).
  5. Australian Deer Industry Manual: fencing.
  6. New crush for deer: video of the manufacturer and our member, John Burdge.
  7. Adverts.


Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

country: Korea
Web: www.hansun21.co.kr
Type of business: import/export of deer products

country: Serbia
Web: www.safariinternational.com ( in spanish, Italian, english, russian and serbian)
Type of business:hunting

FOR SALE: game reserve and shooting field in Croatia, a very interesting reserve, very well managed and with many deer free-ranging in the wild (the largest hunted reached 242 CIC; and that in a wild game estate without fence!), wild boars also free-ranging and in two fenced areas of 450 and 270 ha (300 animals/enclosure), which are good to start with deer farming. The reserve already has good permanent customers.

Newsletter September-October 2020

1. Deer sector analysis: possible effects of the coming disaster hunting season in the deer meat sector.
2. IDUBA SPECIAL REPORT: Technology innovations in Precission Livestock Farming (Part II). Electronic ID and its applications.
3. The narrow line between deficiency and toxicity in copper supplementation in deer and ruminants: understanding and taking action.
4. Useful document: Guidelines for Deer Management from Australian Deer Industry.
5. Results from International Antler Competition in Latvia 2020.
6. Fencing and wire industry Moreda Riviere Trefilerías joins IDUBA as new sponsor.
7. Adverts.


The results of online Antler Competition, july 2020


Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

NEW SPONSOR of IDUBA Jilin Dong Ao Deer Industry Group Co.

country: China

Web: www.dongaoluye.cn

Type of business: Jiling Dong DIG is a leading company in the area of deer health products integrating production, processing and marketing. However, we always understood Traditional Chinese Medicine has to be updated and confirmed with modern science. For this reason, we work with most reputed antler science research institutes, particularly the universities of Jilin, Agricultural of Jilin, and Changchun Univ. of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, Jiling Dong DIG has 2 own institutes: Changchun Jilin Sino-Korea Institute of Animal Science and Jilin Changbai Mountain Deer Product Research Institute. Our industrial park has an extension of 80,500 m² (4500 m2 of offices) and a capital of 350 million yuan (43 million €): id est, we are a big, very serious, and innovative natural health industry.
Main sika deer products of highest quality: velvet antler liquor, velvet and dry deer blood tablets, velvet antler drinking extract, and tea bags. Our products are come from the marriage between the millenary Chinese medicine updated with the best modern science and innovation.

NEW SPONSOR of IDUBA Moreda Riviere Trefilerías – MRT (Celsa Group™)
country: Spain
Web: http://www.moreda.com/

Type of business: Moreda Riviere Trefilerías (MRT), is the leading manufacturer of metal fencing in Spain and one of the main references of fencing in Europe. Thanks to its 150 years experience, its 2 manufacturing plants (180,000 m2 in Barcelona and 85,000 m2 in Gijón, Asturias), and its 400 employees, MRT produces 130,000 tons each year that are distributed in more than 60 countries. The range product of MRT is very wide, starting with the specific meshes for hunting grounds such as the XK MRT® mesh, the FK MRT® fixed knot mesh or the HJ MRT® field fence. It also offers barbed wire, wire, welded mesh, panels, railings, gates…

Newsletter July-August 2020

1. IDUBA SPECIAL REPORT: The future of deer farming explained now: Challenges of
cattle farming and technology innovations in Precission Livestock Farming (Part I).
2. How long does colostrum last in deer? A scientific study with management implications.
3. An unexplored business in deer breeding in Europe: collecting urine deer scent for
4. IDUBA president is ranked as second most important expert in antler science.
5. Interview with new IDUBA member breeder of extraordinary fallow and red deer: Wildhof
Hildegrund GbR, (Daniel Patzke; http://www.zuchtwild.de/).
6. Supplementing Cu with injections during lactation changes milk mineral composition
and improves milk health indices.
7. A newborn deer calf with two heads is found in US forest.
8. Reminder: International antler competition in Latvia.
9. Adverts.

Newsletter May-June 2020


Newsletter March-April 2020

Content of special issue on Coronavirus impact on deer breeding:
1. Important notice: World Deer Congress and IDUBA-OFWABA congress cancelled,
International Antler Competition in Latvia will be held online.
2. General trends: impact on international trade vs domestic production.
3. Covid19 Analysis. Impact on tourism and retaurants, main consumers of venison.
4. The negative image on traditional Chinese medicine and consumption of wild animals
may impact negatively deer breeding profitability.
5. The global warming may affect deer breeders: heat stress reduces growth rate of red
6. The importance of essential aminoacids for antler growth: Lysine and Methionine
improve first antler in fallow deer.
7. A scientific study shows that venison is very good to make cured meat: the recipe.
8. Hunter’s beware!: Hunter dies after being attacked by deer he believe to be dead.
9. One of the smalles deer species, thought to be extinct, is found in Vietnam.
10. Adverts.


Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

New member of IDUBA – “Medianilla Red Deer Genetics”
country: Spain, south of Spain (Cádiz)
Type of business: Deer farm+game estate
They have been selecting deer for trophy and meat of highest quality for 24 years. In addition to this, they have been strongly selecting their animals for resistance to parasites and diseases such as tuberculosis and paratuberculosis. In fact, their farm is tuberculosis-free for the last 8 years under a health monitoring plan from the ministry of agriculture. Paratuberculosis is reduced to a very rare cases. In addition to all this, we offer services of reproductive manipulation, semen freezing and embryo transfer to deer farms in different countries.

New member of IDUBA – Deer farm “Wildhof Hildegrund GbR”
country: Germany
Type of business: Deer farm

Newsletter January-February 2020

IDUBA Express Special Issue: Coronavirus. Analysis of data, estimates for the future, warning
for less infected countries, and our advice for your security.


Dear friends of IDUBA, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!!!

с новым годом 2020

Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

NEW SPONSOR of IDUBA- “Vitafort”
country: Hungary/Slovakia/Czech Republic
Web: www.farm-feed.eu
Type of business: “Vitafort First Hungarian Feed Production and Distribution Zrt.” is a world-class animal nutrition company with almost 4 decades of experience. It ranks among the most dominant feed companies in the Central European region and a leading company in the Hungarian animal feed market. “Vitafort” is represented by “Farm Feed” in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

New member of IDUBA – “Hong Kong Hua Nian Tong International Trade”
country: China
Web: www.tlhntly.com
Type of business: “Hong Kong Hua Nian Tong International Trade” is one of the main companies importing in China deer subproducts.

New member of IDUBA – Deer farm +game estate (Voronez)
country: Russia
Web: under the construction
Type of business: Deer farm/hunting/trophies

New member of IDUBA – Agriconsulting
country: Italy
Web: under the construction
Type of business: consulting

New member of IDUBA – Deer farm “Los Vallucos”
country: Spain
Web: under the construction
Type of business: deer farm

New member of IDUBA -Deer Care Handling Systems
country: UK
type of business: crush and handling buildings

Newsletter November-December 2019

1. Children of the Artic in a reindeer race: Russian Yakutia “Children of the North” race.
2. New anesthetic to cut velvet antlers in NZ.
3. Experiments by Līga Proškina and Irina Pilvere on legumes as deer feed.
4. Abnormal trophies: a white-tailed deer with 3 antlers found in the wild in US, and a bovid
with 4 on a hunting fair in Russia.
5. Deer are not pets: pet deer kills owner and leaves his wife seriously injured in Australia.
6. World Deer Congress in Slovakia: first details.
7. A scientific study suggests that velvet extract could be effective against cardiovascular
8. How a deer can cast both antlers in one movement: video from RT.
9. Adverts.


Dear members of IDUBA, We would like to inform you, that all talks from Deer Conference in Latvia are already uploaded on the web page in the private part. You can download it like always, using your password and username.

Newsletter September-October 2019

1. Why deer have antlers (and why they have anti-cancer properties): antler most recent review.
2. Report on the Latvian deer congress (part II).
3. First reported case of red deer in Europe with Chronic Wasting Disease.
4. Latest IDUBA member makes handling systems for deer: www.deercarehandlingsystems.com/.
5. Another potential deer business emerging: milk for cosmetics.
6. Adverts.

Newsletter July-August 2019

1. Report on the Latvian deer congress (part I).
2. An analysis of the deer sector and its prospects at international level: The future of deer
breeding (part III).
3. Heat stress (increasing after global warming) decreases milk fat in cows, and probably
in deer too!
4. Update on November-December news: Soft Brexit, hard Brexit, or no agreement Brexit.
5. Adverts.

Newsletter May-June 2019

1. An analysis of the deer sector and its prospects at international level: Current
situation of deer meat produced by main countries (part II).
2. Lessons from the latest newcomer in breeding wild animals: game estates and farms of wild ungulates and other game in South Africa (part II).
3. 200 Reindeer found dead in Norway may have been killed by climate change.
4. Deer farmers in NZ increasingly pleased for the rising venison price: the role of hunting season in Europe, chilled vs frozen, and petfood market.
5. Member news: Red Oak Genetics (UK) creates web page, selling top quality stags, their semen, and consultancy.
6. Adverts.


Newsletter March-April 2019


1. Antler casting: who goes first and why? A brief review.
2. An analysis of the deer sector and its prospects at international level: by-products for
TCM and meat for the rest of the world (part I).
3. Interview with breeders of year-after-year winning red deer trophies: farms Tatschl-
Schober, from Austria.
4. The labyrinth of selling to China: no whatsapp or Facebook, but an interesting option
via direct contact through Chinese social networks.
5. New IDUBA member: Reproductive Technology Company Animal Reproduction Centre
(www.arcslovakia.eu; Slovakia).
6. Lessons from the latest newcomer in breeding wild animals: game estates and farms of
wild ungulates and other game in South Africa (parts I).
7. Learning from the unexpected: how antler histology can help deer breeders.
8. More about ruminant nutrition in ruminantdigestivesystem.com: Poor Fiber
9. First details of IDUBA-OFWABA-Latvian Ministry of Agriculture deer congress and
antler valuation in August.

Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

Peel forest estate (New Zealand) www.peelforestdeergenetics.com
Peel Forest Estate is one of the best game estates and deer farms in NZ;
A large part of their business is exporting semen and embryos for either improving clients trophy or venison production. They offer the whole service to supplying the technicians, veterinarians and embryologist. Peel Forest Estate is, if not the largest, one of the largest stag deer farm in the world. They specialize in good trophies, in addition to genetics for velvet and venison. At Peel Forest Estate they are work constantly to achieve the best genetics in the world for these three characteristics: Trophy, Velvet and Venison production. They farm 8000 males on an impressive property comprising of over 7000 acres (2800 has).

Jelen Premier Wildlife Services (UK) www.premierwildlife.co.uk
Type of business: mainly deer-related training courses
Jelen Premier Wildlife Services are the providers of the largest range of deer-related training courses in Europe, and one of the few Deer Control & Husbandry training providers in the country approved by UK RURAL SKILLS.
Whatever your involvement in wild, park and farmed deer husbandry, Jelen PWS have a training solution that meets your needs, and, as they put it “if we don’t then we can write and develop an approved, bespoke training course just for you”. We suggest you to contact them early before others do!

Newsletter January-February 2019


LLC “DeerLand” organizes in Russia their third congress “Game breeding-2019”, 11-15 of March 2019, Vladimir.

Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to take part in the third practical seminar “Game breeding-2019”.
The seminar will be organized by the sponsor member of IDUBA-company “DeerLand” with the support of the Department of State Policy and Regulation in the Field of Forest and Hunting Resources of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and the State Inspectorate on Wildlife protection of the Administration in Vladimir Region .
The general sponsor of the event is the Portuguese company J.SILVA MOREIRA & IRMÃOS LDA.
Working days of the seminar: March 12-14, 2019. The program of the seminar includes presentations on the practical aspects of game breeding, “round tables” and an excursion to a farm of European red deer in the Kolchuginsky district of the Vladimir region.
In the event we plan to organize an “Animal Fair” and an exhibition with goods and services for game breeding.
We also offer you to take part in the exhibition-competition of deer antlers from your farms.
The seminar will be held in the Hotel “AMAKS Golden Ring”, Vladimir, str. Tchaikovsky, 27.
You can book accommodation in the Hotel “AMAKS Golden Ring” or in any other hotel in the city of Vladimir by your choice. The participants of the seminar “Game breeding -2019” will be provided with a special discount when booking in the “AMAKS Golden Ring Hotel”.
The registration fee for participation in the conference is 6000 rubles (VAT- free, about 80 €). The registration fee includes, among other things: the cost of renting the conference hall, meals during the working days of the seminar, information leaflets, buffet table.
Additional information by phone: +7 (916) 145 24 39.
The updated information will be published on the website: www.deerland.ru.

Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

Gestiones y Expediciones Cinegeticas (Spain)

The Animal Reproduction Centre (Slovakia)

IDUBA member searching for live wild boar

Dear IDUBA members and friends,
One of our members, Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve, is seeking live stock of wild boars with very good genetics. As you know, there is a problem with African swine pest in this species, so the region from which they will be imported has to be officially declared (and certified for the transport of the animals) as free from the disease. If anybody wants to make him an offer, please contact him at: pa.olsson@eriksberg.se. Their web page is www.eriksberg.se

Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

Jilin City Lvye Biological Products Co Ltd (Сhina)

Dear friends of IDUBA, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!!!

Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

Farm” Deer Genetics”( Denmark)

Newsletter November-December 2018

1. Soft Brexit, hard Brexit, or no agreement Brexit: what consequences it may have in the deer sector.
2. The importance of deer to understand osteoporosis.
3. Interview with Maris Parfianovics, an organic farming deer breeder (Latvia).
4. Scientific studies on red and fallow deer meat quality: comparison with other meats and effects of age.
5. The importance of deer for medicine in TV: Arte documentary broadcasted in November and coming soon in your country.
6. LLC “DeerLand” organizes in Russia their third congress “Game breeding-2019”, 11-15 of March 2019, Vladimir
7. Adverts

The Сongress in Latvia this summer attracted mass media attention

Dear journalists!
We thank you always for interest in activity of our Association whether it is a deer breeding conference or a meeting with the participation of important international guests.
The Сongress in Latvia this summer was not an exception and attracted media attention from Latvia, Czech Republic and Russia. We highly appreciate your work and thank you for cooperation and support.
We have always been and will be interested in an informational partnership with mass media (press media, web publications, radio, television) and we offer our exclusive material on deer breeding with the possibility of publishing it on mutually beneficial conditions. We are ready to discuss any options for this partnership. You can write your suggestions to e-mail: info.iduba@gmail.com


SKM_C30818100908350 (1)

Do you want to drive traffic to your website and to find new business partners and potential customers???

Dear friends of IDUBA and deer lovers!
We remind you that EVERY MEMBER has the right to put an advert in IDUBA newsletters about services / products / deer for sale, etc. or on IDUBA FACEBOOK PAGE. But, unfortunately, not all of you use this benefit. To do this, you only need to send a short text about the advertised object with your mail or web-page. We will process it and translate it in the 3 working languages of IDUBA. You can see examples of adverts in our Newsletters!
Also, each member of IDUBA can send us photos of the parks, farms, products and services to our photo gallery- please, do not miss your chance of making additional advertising for your business: http://iduba.info/photo-gallery/?page_number_0=2.
Please note, on our website there is a section “IDUBA member” – you can send logo of your farm or company or institution, we will post a link there straight to your Internet-page:http://iduba.info/membership/members-of-iduba/
Our database is growing every month, hundreds of people are surfing our web site every month! Your efforts to send logo, photo or text are minimal- but it can bring you new customers and potential business partners!
Please, do not forget also to send your feedback about us, we are here for you! Any suggestions and comments – please, send us in any of three working languages of IDUBA (English, Russian, Spanish). We take notes and remember all your requests.

Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

BILAGRO,LLC. The largest farm (in Russia) has been created recently in the Tula region (midway between Moscow to the north and Voronezh to the south –which is in the borther with Ukraine–). It has been designed to keep 10,000 red deer. The investments reaches 6 million euro and it will create 200 jobs. BILAGRO,LLC has already started the construction of all necessary facilities. The delivery of the first animals of red deer will be done already in 2018. In addition to deer breeding, the company will create in the future its own meat processing line.

Newsletter September-October 2018

1. Asian scientific groups show anti-prostate cancer properties of velvet antler extract.
2. Interview with Gintautas Čepas, a top deer breeder for trophy (Lithuania: www.cepoukis.lt).
3. Rethink the diet of your deer: effects of some plants in the immune system, meat shelf life, and even cheese of ruminants and other animals.
4. An interesting new web page about ruminant nutrition.
5. Deer in USA are eating out the largest living plant in the world.
6. Adverts.


Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

Guangdong Deer Technology Co.Ltd ( Сhina)
velvet antler and other deer products, processing, health care products

ENABLE, LLC (USA) www.enable-USA.com
Enable USA, LLC is a wildlife research and nutritional company that focuses on compiling and conducting research in wildlife and livestock (particularly white tailed deer). Enable USA began as a biotechnological research laboratory in 2008. The company, founded by Dr. Joe Ables, has a special interest in white-tailed deer research and medicine. Enable USA’s goal is to produce research and data to fight diseases of white-tailed deer, enhance reproduction techniques, and improve overall health.

Tatschl farm (Austria)

Franz Schober Farm (Austria)

The Tatschl Farm and Franz Schober Farm are two of the top deer breeders for trophy in Europe, living both nearby in Austria. They are every year winners in many categories in the International Antler Competition In Latvia. In this summer they brought antlers from an impressive deer named Aladin (Tatschl Farm) who took 303.3475 CIC points and became absolute winner in TOP 10 in the International Antler Competition In Latvia.

Deer’s Spring (China)
Deer breeding facility and manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine

Visit farms of winners in the International Antler Competition 2018

Dear friends of IDUBA, please, visit farms of winners in the International Antler Competition, which is held every summer in Latvia. If you are interested in buying good quality animals-hurry up right now!
These are TOP winners and some more farms, who won prizes in different categorias, the rest of the winners-farms you can see on our web-page https://iduba.info/events/

https://www.facebook.com/dieter.tatschl… – Tatschl (AUSTRIA)

http://www.bielypotok.com – Game preserve Biely potok (SLOVAKIA)

http://www.cepoukis.lt – Gintautas Čepas (LITHUANIA)

www.safariparks.lv -Safari parks More, MB (LATVIA)

https://www.facebook.com/franz.schober.52?ref=br_rs -Schober (AUSTRIA)

Liutauras Giedraitis farm (Latvia) -no web, no facebook -l.giedraitis@yahoo.com

www.cervusaureus.lt -Cervus Aureus (LITHUANIA)

www.audronioelnynas.lt ( A.Glumbako, Lithuania)

https://www.facebook.com/parfics… – Dumpsi Farm (Latvia)

Amila (Ukraine) -no web, no facebook- bondss86@ukr.net


Improving contacts and perspectives for our members: 2.5 x visits in IDUBA web page in last year.

In IDUBA we keep thinking in different ways to promote our members not only with ideas shown in our newsletters, but also promoting in facebook. We are developing Facebook promotion of IDUBA during 1 year (and our members too), and now this is one of the key flows of visits from this social network which redirects visits to IDUBA web page. You, members, benefit because visitors find your links in our web page, interviews with some of you in our newsletters and, for sponsors, your logos in the front page and top of newsletters/diplomas.The statistics of the boost in visits to our web page ww.iduba.info are these:
-1481 new visits from 11.07.2016-10.07.2017 (left semi-circle in the figure attached).
-3899 new visits (2.6 more) compared with same period in previous year (right semi-circle in the figure attached).
All this is the result of an intensive promotion not only through Facebook, but also direct mailing and agricultural portals. As you can see in the graph attached, the top 20 visitors, marked by colours, ranking from top down are: Russia, Spain, USA, UK, Canada, Latvia,Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, China, Austria,New Zealand, Sweden, Kazahstan, Iran, Slovakia, Holland, and Serbia. I.e., the list of countries with your potential partners for business. We will keep informing you.
IDUBA WEB visitors

Newsletter July-August 2018

1. A special report of Latvia congress “Theoretical and Practical Aspects for Successful
Deer Farming”, and international deer antler competition.
2. Only breeder in China of free-ranging deer and factory of deer products “Deer’s Spring”
(鹿源春) joins IDUBA. Interested in cooperation with them?
3. EU copper reduction in animal feeds already officially approved and in effect.
4. Interview with one of the top deer breeders in norther Europe: Audronis Glumbakas
Farm (Lithuania).
5. Adverts.


Newsletter May-June 2018

1. Brief note about availability of all newsletters/congresses in public part of www.iduba.info.
2. Shooting the wrong enemy: American hunters association QDMA against NADeFa deer breeders association.
3. Insect-based meal for deer: closer to reality than you think.
4. Decree 159 of China’s law for exporting non-edible animal products to China: no room for small producers.
5. Are you thinking about potential business on deer milk? NZ already sells it!
6. Improving contacts and perspectives for our members: 2.5 x visits in IDUBA web page in last year.
7. Impressive stags for sale from IDUBA member Hans Honold (www.deerfarminggermany.com)
8. Adverts.


Newsletter March-April 2018


International Deer Conference coorganized by IDUBA “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Successful Deer Management: opportunities in China” and International antler competition in Latvia, 25-27 July 2018.

Dear colleagues and friends of IDUBA!
We are pleased to invite you to the Conference “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Successful Deer Management: opportunities in China” and International antler competition. The event will be coorganized by IDUBA and BLSDAA with the support of Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia.
This year we will make a particular effort to show the opportunities for producing and selling deer products to China and the Asian market. The event will bring together the leading deer breeders, scientists, veterinarians, hunters, deer farm managers, fencing and infrastructure companies, nutrition producers of best feeds for excellent trophies, exporters-importers of antlers, processing companies of venison and other types of meat, companies for improving genetics. All of them will come for THIS GREAT DEER EVENT OF THE YEAR from Europe, Russia, China, New Zealand and other countries . Do not miss your chance to meet professionals and exchange experience!!! More info: https://iduba.info/events/




News tv: Visit of Chinese businessmen to research group of president of IDUBA.

Mr. Jimmy Sui visited the research group and deer farm of the president of IDUBA, prof. Landete-Castillejos. Mr. Sui gave a talk about co-products of deer (velvet antler, deer placenta, blood, etc.) to scientists and Spanish businessman and showed the great potential that this line of business may have not just for Spain, but also for whole world considering the large demand from China and other Asian countries. The news came out in the regional tv of Castilla-La Mancha, a region of Spain the size of Austria, or Czech Republic, and bigger than Ireland, Denmark, or Latvia, or twice the size of Belgium or Netherland. Mr. Jimmy Sui will give a similar talk in Latvia IDUBA-SDAA-BIOR congress the last week of july this year.

Newsletter January-February 2018



Time for democracy! IDUBA holds the scheduled elections for president 2018-2022. We start now the election process in a two step:

1.-From now till 28th of February, candidates (from members of IDUBA) are invited to run for elections. We recommend them to prepare either a program, lines of action, or at least some message (preferably short and in pdf) to send to IDUBA head office (info.iduba@gmail.com). We will send to all members.

2.-After a two week period to present candidacies and program to IDUBA office, voting starts from 11 of April till 10 of may. It is important that all members of IDUBA vote even if there is only one candidate, to show percentage of approval of candidate.

Infoicontechnologies company (http://www.infoicontechnologies.com) is right now developing the application vote in our web page. It will be in the front page instead of the section “Collaborating with IDUBA”. Voting is secret despite being electronic. Voting member and our office will receive e-mail each time a vote has been issued, but nobody can check results until voting is closed, when the result will be automatically published in our web page. Infoicontechnologies company certifies privacy of voting and can be asked about details.

Remember that according to the Constitution of IDUBA, the Vice- Presidents of the Association and Secretary will be appointed by newly elected President. We suggest candidates to tell members which team they would like to appoint.The current President Dr. Tomas Landete-Castillejos will run for a second term.

LLC “DeerLand” organizes in Russia their second congress in breeding game species.19-22 of March 2018.Kaluga region.

Last year in March in the Moscow region took place the first practical seminar-conference “Breeding game species as a way of preserving hunting resources. Modern approach. Technologies. Problems. Prospects» organized by LLC DeerLand with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.
The aim of the event was to discuss problems, trends and prospects for the development of breeding game species in Russia and to get acquainted with the experience and modern technologies of breeding used in a number of European countries.
The topic attracted great interest. 93 representatives from 26 constituent territories of the Russian Federation, including heads and specialists of public and subordinated authorities, public organizations, private businesses, foreign specialists from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic participated in the seminar-conference.
Participants of the seminar-conference regretted the scarcity of the meetings of this kind in Russia.
Responding to the request, LLC “DeerLand” planned to hold the next practical seminar “Breeding game species-2018″, which will be held March 19-23, 2018.
Taking into account the special attention of the participants to the successful experience of Russian hunting users, it was decided to hold an event in one of the hunting farms of the Kaluga region – “Ozernoe”. For many years this farm is not only engaged in breeding ungulates and feathered game, but it is an example of a successful business project as well.
Among the list of speakers at the seminar are representatives of local hunting farms which became familiar with modern methods of breeding game species and representatives from Poland, Slovakia and Latvia.
The program of the seminar includes three working days (March 20-22). These days there will be plenary sessions with relevant and interesting talks, round tables, as well as an excursion to the hunting complex of the hunting farm “Ozernoe”.
This year we will try to make the seminar really “practical.” We want the participants to spend time with maximum efficiency and receive a lot of useful information.
You can find all details on the website www.deerland.ru in the special section “Second practical seminar “Breeding game species – 2018”.
We will be happy to meet old friends and look forward to new members!
We invite everyone to participate in the second practical seminar ““Breeding game species – 2018”.
Pre-bookings are taken until March 1, 2018 !!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!!!

We’ve had a brilliant year passed. So many great achievements and memories that will last. May this New Year go off with a blast. And may we accomplish all of our goals very fast. Happy New Year I say to you and a really special big thank you -TO BE WITH US, TO BELIEVE IN US, TO COOPERATE WITH US, TO SUPPORT US. WE WANT TO DO THE BEST WE CAN FOR ALL OF YOU,OUR FRIENDS, OUR MEMBERS,OUR SPONSORS,OUR READERS,OUR DEER LOVERS!

The Vice-president of IDUBA Tofig Hasanov explained to the President of Azerbaijan the potential of IDUBA during the opening of the Shamakhi Safari Park

According to News Agency Day.Az with reference to AZERTADZH (Azerbaijan State News Agency) one of the widespread types of ecotourism in the modern period is safari tourism.
Due to the fact that the traditional safari is forcing animals to face the threat of extinction, recently the organizers refuse the hunting tours and focus on photosafari. Photosafari is also called “quiet hunting”. Azerbaijan also has wide range of opportunities for carrying out photosafari tours. Natural areas, specially protected in various parts of our country – national parks, reserves can play an important role in attracting foreign tourists to such tours. Questions related to this topic are reflected in the Strategic Roadmap for the Development of a Specialized Tourism Industry in Azerbaijan, approved by President Ilham Aliyev’s Decree of December 6, 2016. The Strategic Roadmap plans a cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in order to carry out a research to assess the opportunities of ecological tourism in Azerbaijan. Then, they will prepare a plan of events related to the organization of various tourist activities in national parks. They will also make a schedule of appropriate activities for the created routes. One of the important points is that this document shows as an asset and source of opportunities the creation of the Shamakhi Safari Park, managed by Azer Ekov company, led by our IDUBA vicepresident Tofig Hasanov.
At present, the Shamakhi Safari Park is ready and already accepted the first guests of honor. During the visit to the park, the head of state and the first lady were informed that Azer Ekov LLC, established in Azerbaijan in 2014 with the aim of organizing ecological hunting on the scientific bases, adaptation of wildlife species to the nature of Azerbaijan, in a short time began to work in this direction. The president of Azerbaijan was informed that the first step of “Azər Ekov” LLC was to became the member of Deer and Wild Ungulate breeders Association – IDUBA. Also that later, by decision of IDUBA president in order to promote the huge potential of deer and wild ungulate breeding in this area through Mr. Tofig Hasanov, he was appointed Vice President of IDUBA for Transcaucasia and the Middle East. Thus, “Azər Ekov” LLC was given the right to represent this association in the South Caucasus. Finally, the president was informed that thanks to the meetings coorganized by IDUBA, the members of the organization shared their opinions on breeding animals, hunting, antler trading, producing feed and feed supplements, etc. with “Azər Ekov” LLC, and that this company and Mr. Tofig Hasanov took part in the events of this association as an equal member and sponsor. The aim was to acquire international experience and attracting the interest of foreign specialists to the Azerbaijani nature.
The president was also informed of the characteristics of the safari park. Following the Strategic Roadmap for the Development of a Specialized Tourism Industry in Azerbaijan in order to create an ecological reserve for wild animals in the Shamakhi district, 620 hectares on the territory of a mountainous woodland called Pirgulu were chosen for the reserve. Within these, 480 hectares were fenced in accordance with international standards. Here, 420 genetically valuable animals were released belonging to three species: red deer, fallow deer and mouflon from farms of Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. As a result of the selective breeding and veterinarian actions, the number of these animals has almost doubled. So, at the present moment there are 790 animals in the park, including 260 red deers, 250 mouflons and 280 fallow deer. An important work was also done in order to create the internal infrastructure of the ecological park. So, a wide road with a length of 36 kilometers was laid. In addition, a large number of natural shelters for animals were created. In order to protect deer, fallow deer and mouflons from external influences and infectious diseases, a 52-kilometer fencing that meets international standards has been built.
An administrative building and a guest house are also built on the territory of the park. The territory of the administrative building and the guest house were landscaped as well. You get more information following the link to two videos on this topic.

Newsletter November-December 2017


Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

New member RED OAK GENETICS ( UK) https://www.facebook.com/RedOakDeer

New member Jilin Tonglu Trading Co.( China)

Deer Park for sale in Latvia: Mežsētas

The deer park has status “park with pedigree animal breeding”. The park, under the company name “Mežētas”, is located in Stradu parish, Gulbene district, in Latvia. The deer park was established in 2000 and it has been fully reconstructed this year. The newly installed fence consists of posts impregnated against fungi decay, insects, etc., and a bright new titanium fence “Tornado (UK)”. There is a new corridor system.
The fenced area has 190.4 ha land in the following way: 0.5 ha of arable land; 45.3 ha of pasture; 135.9 ha of forests; 1.6 ha of bushes; 0.6 ha of marshes; 3.9 ha in ponds and other land under water; 0.7 ha in roads; 0.7 ha in under buildings and 0.8 ha in other type of land.
You can trust us and we have proof: we are members of Latvian “Wild Animal Breeders Association” and International Association IDUBA from its origin in 2013, and we have obtained several awards for breeding selected red deer. This is our herd: 330 red deer of English bloodline; 238 red deer of Scottish bloodline; 36 red deer of the Lithuanian origin, 40 red deer of Polish origin; and 16 red deer from Netherlands.
Buildings and infrastructure: there is a guard’s house with all facilities, potable flowing water system; there is a deer handing premise with a crush inside with a scale, although the premise is still under construction; there is a cellar 90 m3; sorting yard, distribution corridors and electric wires; 3 grain containers; arbour; country toilet; well of 46 m depth; 5 haylage feeders; ponds; and 3 phase electricity.
What kind of business is adequate for?: Tourism; Commercial hunting; Meat production; sale of antlers or live deer.
Numbers of plot cadastre: 5090 013 0029, 5090 013 0035;
For more information contact: mezsetas97@inbox.lv, tel.: +371 29372502

Newsletter September-October 2017


Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

  NEW Sponsor Hirschalm(Austria) http://www.hirschalm.net
New member Cayetano Hurtado Polak Game estate( Spain)http://www.facebook.com/cayetano.hurtadopolak
New member Kener LTD( Latvia)http://www.kener.lv/en/home
New member Biely Potok( Slovakia) http://www.bielypotok.com
New member Antlers Nature S.L.(Spain) http://www.antlersnature.com
New member RS ASKARI (Czech Republic)
New member Amila( Ucrain)
New member Valdemoro Game estate( Spain)

IDUBA has created a Facebook page

IDUBA has created a Facebook page to find new partners, promote the Association and all its members around the world. All those fans of IDUBA who have profiles in facebook-let us know and invite us to be friends.


President of IDUBA was invited as key speaker to the antler science and products ASPT in Changchun, China( September 2017)

He spoke also about the importance of IDUBA as a bridge between deer breeders in the rest of the world and consumers of deer products in Asia. China and Asia is the biggest market for deer.
The report about trip to China of the scientist, Prof. Tomas Landete, produced a great response in the media. At the moment news are presented in Spanish only (sorry), later translation will be made. We have a lot of information for our newsletters. Stay with us!

Newsletter July-August 2017

Dear members of IDUBA, friends and deer lovers!
We have published new information on our website: all reports and photos of the meeting in Latvia, results of the International antler competition as well as we uploaded all the photos from business trip to China. The reports from the conference in Latvia are quite large in size, so it is not possible manually to transfer all the documents to everyone, much more easier and faster you can download everything from the site :

Newsletter May-June 2017


Funding for your business: Call for innovation projects in small companies Russia- Spain.

As you probably read in our latest newsletter, having innovation projects funded by government is a great opportunity both to work with scientists and improve your products (and technology), as well as having often subsidies for your business. Recently Russian and Spanish funding bodies for industries have opened a call for innovation in small companies in Spain and Russia (pdf in English of joint call available in member’s area). Probably similar calls are open for other countries in addition to Spain, so that you should follow the links provided below to check if similar calls are opened for your country. For those of you in deer industry, CETECA and University of Castilla-La Mancha are exploring possibilities of a project involving deer, meat products, either hard or velvet antler technology, or some ideas regarding this areas (Research institutes have to be subcontracted by companies, who are the petitioners of the project).

If you are interested- contact us at IDUBA for joint project (info.iduba@gmail.com).

The call starts on March 1st and ends in June. Projects can last up to 24 months, and should be approved not later than October 2017. These are the web links of funding bodies, e-mails for questions (Russian and Spanish agencies), and the percentages of funding/conditions both for the Russian companies and the Spanish ones. Read more in Newsletter for members IDUBA…

Newsletter March-April 2017


The news about our research of growing horns facing the Asian export in the best hunting magazine of Spain “Hunting and Safaris”


Newsletter January-February 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Dear friends of IDUBA!
Thanks a lot to all of you for staying with us.
Hope you unfold new horizons, fulfill new wishes, harbor new hopes and rediscover the strength within you to put yourself on the road to success with the unfolding of the New Year.

The first practical seminar-conference in Russia: “The game breeding as a way to save game resources. The modern approach. Technologies. Problems.Perspectives”. March,01-04, 2017

“Deerland” Ltd. invites you to take part in the first practical seminar-conference in Russia “The game breeding as a way to save game resources. The modern approach. Technologies.Problems.Perspectives”.
The conference will be organized with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.
During the past 20 years game breeding sector is on the rise in many countries: new materials and new technologies appear, scientific approaches for breeding improve and there is an intensive exchange of best practices. The event program includes presentations, round-table discussions, devoted to topical issues of game breeding from experience of Russian and foreign practice.
Key topics of the talks:
1. The legal framework and regulation of maintenance and breeding of hunting resources in semi-free conditions and artificially created habitat.
2. The current situation of maintenance and breeding of hunting resources in semi-free conditions and artificially created habitats in different regions of the Russian Federation.
3. The basis of design and construction of farms for wild animals, enclosures, fences and other necessary objects of infrastructure for hunting.
4. Running and maintenance of farms and enclosures.
5. Veterinary issues.
6. Feeding of wild ungulates.
7. Breeding of deer in a farm. The fundamental approach. Benefits and peculiarities.
8. Pheasant breeding in a farm.
9. The fundamentals of artificial insemination technologies of wild ungulates.
Round-table discussions:
1. The problems of efficiency in the farms.
2. The farms of game animals in Europe and Russia.
• Representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.
• Representatives of ФБГУ “Центрохотконтроль”, Moscow.
• A. S. Zhiryakov, Director, “Биопроект” Ltd., Kirov.
• N. L. Bystritskaya, Executive Director, «ВольерСтрой»Ltd., Moscow.
• S. V. Aliskerov, Сommercial director of “Deerland” Ltd., Moscow
• M. V. Alshinetsky, chief veterinarian, MГУП “Moscow Zoo”.
• Ondřej Faltus, VVS – Premin, Czech Republic
• Dr. Bartlomiej Dmuchowsky, FHU MILU, Poland
• Dr. Jaroslav Pokoradi, Xsell Slovakia Breeding Services, Slovakia

As part of the event, there will be mini-exhibition, where local and foreign companies will present products and services for game breeding to your attention. In order to confirm your participation you have to fill in an application form and to pay the registration fee.
The fee for participation in the conference is 4,000 (65 rubles/€ = 62 €).
Venue: UMTS Golitsyno. Moscow region.
The cost of accommodation and catering (3 times per day):
Double room: 2400 RUR / day * 3 days = 7200 rubles or 110 € (per 1 person).
Single room: 3380 RUR / night * 3 nights = 10140 rubles or 155 €.
Please, we kindly recommend you to book your participation in advance. The number of places in the congress center “Golitsyno” is limited, but we will be glad to see everyone! The acceptance of applications for participation before February 1, 2017. More details regarding conference program can be found on their website: www.deerland.ru

Newsletter November-December 2016


IDUBA President report 2015-2016


Newsletter September-October 2016

Newsletter September-October 2016 GET PDF
Dear members of IDUBA, friends and deer lovers!
We would like to inform you about the change of hosting-provider company of our Internet-page, now you can download information and photos much faster!
Dear friends, we have published new information on our website: all reports and photos of the meeting in Latvia, results of the International antler competition, the President report for 2015-2016, as well as we uploaded all the photos from business trips of 2016. The reports from the conference in Latvia are quite large in size, so it is not possible manually to transfer all the documents to everyone, much more easier and faster you can download everything from the site :


We remind you that EVERY MEMBER has the right to put an advert in IDUBA newsletters about services / products / deer for sale, etc. But, unfortunately, not all of you use this benefit. To do this, you only need to send a short text about the advertised object with your mail or web-page. We will process it and translate it in the 3 working languages of IDUBA. You can see examples of adverts in our Newsletters!
Also, each member of IDUBA, who still has not sent us the photos of the parks, farms, products and services to our photo gallery- please, do not miss your chance of making additional advertising for your business:
Dear members of IDUBA! Please note, on our website there is a section “IDUBA member” – you can send (by your wish) logo of your farm or company or institution, we will post a link there to your Internet-page. Please, check the link, if your logo is uploaded, if not – please, let us know and we will fix it. If you don’t have web-page- no problem, we can upload just your logo and you will be visible for all the visitors of our web-page:

Our database is growing every month, hundreds of people are surfing our web site every month! Your efforts to send logo, photo or text from your part are minimal- but it can bring you new customers and potential business partners!
Please, do not forget also to send your feedback about us, we are here for you! Any suggestions and comments – please, send us in any of three working languages of IDUBA (English, Russian, Spanish). We took note and remember all your requests and ideas from the last meeting in Latvia (Annual General Meeting), we will think about them and use for our plan for the future!!!.

Newsletter July-August 2016


IDUBA news in the best Spanish hunting magazine “Caza y Safaris”


Newsletter May-June 2016


Signing of agreement BAHW/BAFJN-IDUBA

2016 04 foto news ministro firma IDUBA-BAHW

From the left, president of the Bavarian Academy of Hunting and Wildlife, Dr. Jürgen Vocke; from the right, Hans-Peter Friedrich, home affairs federal (national) minister of Germany, and honorary president of BAHW/ BAFJN;in the  centre, IDUBA VP for non-deer ungulates, Norbert Ullmann.

Newsletter March-April 2016


Newsletter January-February 2016


Newsletter November-December 2015


Newsletter September-October 2015


Newsletter July-August 2015

Growing market for deer products: China and Antler Science and Product Technology conference.Why soft or velvet antlers are so important for Chinese?


Newsletter May-June 2015

Dear members of IDUBA, we are happy to inform you that our site is finished! You can visit it using the link:https://iduba.info/.The web page has a public part and also its private part (only for IDUBA members).


News in the best Spanish hunting magazine: IDUBA receives the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia.

One day after sending the newsletter of May-June, the news that IDUBA has a new web page and particularly, the support received by the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia, has been published in Caza Wonke, the web of the best Spanish hunting magazine: Caza y Safaris. They also informed us that another news included in this newsletter, the new DGM 2015 in Latvia, would follow shortly. Few minutes after this, registrations in IDUBA from Spain started to increase.


Newsletter March-April 2015

The Annual General Meeting of FEDFA takes place usually in March and, in addition, in the past two years has been held in Prague where the organization by Dr. Radim Kotrba (past president and current secretary) has a solid support of the Czech University of Life Sciences.

Newsletter January-February 2015

All animals including us, have a basic ability to detect substances that are useful in the diet, and avoid others that are toxic. This explains why we like sugar (which gives us energy), salt in small quantities, and the acid taste of citrus (most of which is vitamin C), and that we dislike flavours like bitter almonds (as a result of cyanide they contain, and, in faсt, a dozen of them could kill a human). Similarly, big herbivores like deer should be able to assess useful nutrients in plants, and avoid at least some of the toxic ones these contain.


Newsletter №3