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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!!!

We’ve had a brilliant year passed. So many great achievements and memories that will last. May this New Year go off with a blast. And may we accomplish all of our goals very fast. Happy New Year I say to you and a really special big thank you -TO BE WITH US, TO BELIEVE IN US, TO COOPERATE WITH US, TO SUPPORT US. WE WANT TO DO THE BEST WE CAN FOR ALL OF YOU,OUR FRIENDS, OUR MEMBERS,OUR SPONSORS,OUR READERS,OUR DEER LOVERS!

The Vice-president of IDUBA Tofig Hasanov explained to the President of Azerbaijan the potential of IDUBA during the opening of the Shamakhi Safari Park

According to News Agency Day.Az with reference to AZERTADZH (Azerbaijan State News Agency) one of the widespread types of ecotourism in the modern period is safari tourism.
Due to the fact that the traditional safari is forcing animals to face the threat of extinction, recently the organizers refuse the hunting tours and focus on photosafari. Photosafari is also called “quiet hunting”. Azerbaijan also has wide range of opportunities for carrying out photosafari tours. Natural areas, specially protected in various parts of our country – national parks, reserves can play an important role in attracting foreign tourists to such tours. Questions related to this topic are reflected in the Strategic Roadmap for the Development of a Specialized Tourism Industry in Azerbaijan, approved by President Ilham Aliyev’s Decree of December 6, 2016. The Strategic Roadmap plans a cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in order to carry out a research to assess the opportunities of ecological tourism in Azerbaijan. Then, they will prepare a plan of events related to the organization of various tourist activities in national parks. They will also make a schedule of appropriate activities for the created routes. One of the important points is that this document shows as an asset and source of opportunities the creation of the Shamakhi Safari Park, managed by Azer Ekov company, led by our IDUBA vicepresident Tofig Hasanov.
At present, the Shamakhi Safari Park is ready and already accepted the first guests of honor. During the visit to the park, the head of state and the first lady were informed that Azer Ekov LLC, established in Azerbaijan in 2014 with the aim of organizing ecological hunting on the scientific bases, adaptation of wildlife species to the nature of Azerbaijan, in a short time began to work in this direction. The president of Azerbaijan was informed that the first step of “Azər Ekov” LLC was to became the member of Deer and Wild Ungulate breeders Association – IDUBA. Also that later, by decision of IDUBA president in order to promote the huge potential of deer and wild ungulate breeding in this area through Mr. Tofig Hasanov, he was appointed Vice President of IDUBA for Transcaucasia and the Middle East. Thus, “Azər Ekov” LLC was given the right to represent this association in the South Caucasus. Finally, the president was informed that thanks to the meetings coorganized by IDUBA, the members of the organization shared their opinions on breeding animals, hunting, antler trading, producing feed and feed supplements, etc. with “Azər Ekov” LLC, and that this company and Mr. Tofig Hasanov took part in the events of this association as an equal member and sponsor. The aim was to acquire international experience and attracting the interest of foreign specialists to the Azerbaijani nature.
The president was also informed of the characteristics of the safari park. Following the Strategic Roadmap for the Development of a Specialized Tourism Industry in Azerbaijan in order to create an ecological reserve for wild animals in the Shamakhi district, 620 hectares on the territory of a mountainous woodland called Pirgulu were chosen for the reserve. Within these, 480 hectares were fenced in accordance with international standards. Here, 420 genetically valuable animals were released belonging to three species: red deer, fallow deer and mouflon from farms of Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. As a result of the selective breeding and veterinarian actions, the number of these animals has almost doubled. So, at the present moment there are 790 animals in the park, including 260 red deers, 250 mouflons and 280 fallow deer. An important work was also done in order to create the internal infrastructure of the ecological park. So, a wide road with a length of 36 kilometers was laid. In addition, a large number of natural shelters for animals were created. In order to protect deer, fallow deer and mouflons from external influences and infectious diseases, a 52-kilometer fencing that meets international standards has been built.
An administrative building and a guest house are also built on the territory of the park. The territory of the administrative building and the guest house were landscaped as well. You get more information following the link to two videos on this topic.

Newsletter November-December 2017

Coming soon!

Let’s welcome new members of IDUBA

New member RED OAK GENETICS ( UK) https://www.facebook.com/RedOakDeer

New member Jilin Tonglu Trading Co.( China)

Deer Park for sale in Latvia: Mežētas

The deer park has status “park with pedigree animal breeding”. The park, under the company name “Mežētas”, is located in Stradu parish, Gulbene district, in Latvia. The deer park was established in 2000 and it has been fully reconstructed this year. The newly installed fence consists of posts impregnated against fungi decay, insects, etc., and a bright new titanium fence “Tornado (UK)”. There is a new corridor system.
The fenced area has 190.4 ha land in the following way: 0.5 ha of arable land; 45.3 ha of pasture; 135.9 ha of forests; 1.6 ha of bushes; 0.6 ha of marshes; 3.9 ha in ponds and other land under water; 0.7 ha in roads; 0.7 ha in under buildings and 0.8 ha in other type of land.
You can trust us and we have proof: we are members of Latvian “Wild Animal Breeders Association” and International Association IDUBA from its origin in 2013, and we have obtained several awards for breeding selected red deer. This is our herd: 330 red deer of English bloodline; 238 red deer of Scottish bloodline; 36 red deer of the Lithuanian origin, 40 red deer of Polish origin; and 16 red deer from Netherlands.
Buildings and infrastructure: there is a guard’s house with all facilities, potable flowing water system; there is a deer handing premise with a crush inside with a scale, although the premise is still under construction; there is a cellar 90 m3; sorting yard, distribution corridors and electric wires; 3 grain containers; arbour; country toilet; well of 46 m depth; 5 haylage feeders; ponds; and 3 phase electricity.
What kind of business is adequate for?: Tourism; Commercial hunting; Meat production; sale of antlers or live deer.
Numbers of plot cadastre: 5090 013 0029, 5090 013 0035;
For more information contact: mezsetas97@inbox.lv, tel.: +371 29372502

Newsletter September-October 2017


Let’s welcome new sponsors and members of IDUBA

  NEW Sponsor Hirschalm(Austria) http://www.hirschalm.net
New member Cayetano Hurtado Polak Game estate( Spain)http://www.facebook.com/cayetano.hurtadopolak
New member Kener LTD( Latvia)http://www.kener.lv/en/home
New member Biely Potok( Slovakia) http://www.bielypotok.com
New member Antlers Nature S.L.(Spain) http://www.antlersnature.com
New member RS ASKARI (Czech Republic)
New member Amila( Ucrain)
New member Valdemoro Game estate( Spain)

IDUBA has created a Facebook page

IDUBA has created a Facebook page to find new partners, promote the Association and all its members around the world. All those fans of IDUBA who have profiles in facebook-let us know and invite us to be friends.


President of IDUBA was invited as key speaker to the antler science and products ASPT in Changchun, China( September 2017)

He spoke also about the importance of IDUBA as a bridge between deer breeders in the rest of the world and consumers of deer products in Asia. China and Asia is the biggest market for deer.
The report about trip to China of the scientist, Prof. Tomas Landete, produced a great response in the media. At the moment news are presented in Spanish only (sorry), later translation will be made. We have a lot of information for our newsletters. Stay with us!

Newsletter July-August 2017

Dear members of IDUBA, friends and deer lovers!
We have published new information on our website: all reports and photos of the meeting in Latvia, results of the International antler competition as well as we uploaded all the photos from business trip to China. The reports from the conference in Latvia are quite large in size, so it is not possible manually to transfer all the documents to everyone, much more easier and faster you can download everything from the site :