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IDUBA has created a Facebook page

IDUBA has created a Facebook page to find new partners, promote the Association and all its members around the world. All those fans of IDUBA who have profiles in facebook-let us know and invite us to be friends.


President of IDUBA was invited as key speaker to the antler science and products ASPT in Changchun, China( September 2017)

He spoke also about the importance of IDUBA as a bridge between deer breeders in the rest of the world and consumers of deer products in Asia. China and Asia is the biggest market for deer.
The report about trip to China of the scientist, Prof. Tomas Landete, produced a great response in the media. At the moment news are presented in Spanish only (sorry), later translation will be made. We have a lot of information for our newsletters. Stay with us!

Newsletter July-August 2017

Coming soon!

Newsletter May-June 2017


Funding for your business: Call for innovation projects in small companies Russia- Spain.

As you probably read in our latest newsletter, having innovation projects funded by government is a great opportunity both to work with scientists and improve your products (and technology), as well as having often subsidies for your business. Recently Russian and Spanish funding bodies for industries have opened a call for innovation in small companies in Spain and Russia (pdf in English of joint call available in member’s area). Probably similar calls are open for other countries in addition to Spain, so that you should follow the links provided below to check if similar calls are opened for your country. For those of you in deer industry, CETECA and University of Castilla-La Mancha are exploring possibilities of a project involving deer, meat products, either hard or velvet antler technology, or some ideas regarding this areas (Research institutes have to be subcontracted by companies, who are the petitioners of the project).

If you are interested- contact us at IDUBA for joint project (info.iduba@gmail.com).

The call starts on March 1st and ends in June. Projects can last up to 24 months, and should be approved not later than October 2017. These are the web links of funding bodies, e-mails for questions (Russian and Spanish agencies), and the percentages of funding/conditions both for the Russian companies and the Spanish ones. Read more in Newsletter for members IDUBA…

Newsletter March-April 2017


The news about our research of growing horns facing the Asian export in the best hunting magazine of Spain “Hunting and Safaris”


Newsletter January-February 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Dear friends of IDUBA!
Thanks a lot to all of you for staying with us.
Hope you unfold new horizons, fulfill new wishes, harbor new hopes and rediscover the strength within you to put yourself on the road to success with the unfolding of the New Year.

The first practical seminar-conference in Russia: “The game breeding as a way to save game resources. The modern approach. Technologies. Problems.Perspectives”. March,01-04, 2017

“Deerland” Ltd. invites you to take part in the first practical seminar-conference in Russia “The game breeding as a way to save game resources. The modern approach. Technologies.Problems.Perspectives”.
The conference will be organized with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.
During the past 20 years game breeding sector is on the rise in many countries: new materials and new technologies appear, scientific approaches for breeding improve and there is an intensive exchange of best practices. The event program includes presentations, round-table discussions, devoted to topical issues of game breeding from experience of Russian and foreign practice.
Key topics of the talks:
1. The legal framework and regulation of maintenance and breeding of hunting resources in semi-free conditions and artificially created habitat.
2. The current situation of maintenance and breeding of hunting resources in semi-free conditions and artificially created habitats in different regions of the Russian Federation.
3. The basis of design and construction of farms for wild animals, enclosures, fences and other necessary objects of infrastructure for hunting.
4. Running and maintenance of farms and enclosures.
5. Veterinary issues.
6. Feeding of wild ungulates.
7. Breeding of deer in a farm. The fundamental approach. Benefits and peculiarities.
8. Pheasant breeding in a farm.
9. The fundamentals of artificial insemination technologies of wild ungulates.
Round-table discussions:
1. The problems of efficiency in the farms.
2. The farms of game animals in Europe and Russia.
• Representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.
• Representatives of ФБГУ “Центрохотконтроль”, Moscow.
• A. S. Zhiryakov, Director, “Биопроект” Ltd., Kirov.
• N. L. Bystritskaya, Executive Director, «ВольерСтрой»Ltd., Moscow.
• S. V. Aliskerov, Сommercial director of “Deerland” Ltd., Moscow
• M. V. Alshinetsky, chief veterinarian, MГУП “Moscow Zoo”.
• Ondřej Faltus, VVS – Premin, Czech Republic
• Dr. Bartlomiej Dmuchowsky, FHU MILU, Poland
• Dr. Jaroslav Pokoradi, Xsell Slovakia Breeding Services, Slovakia

As part of the event, there will be mini-exhibition, where local and foreign companies will present products and services for game breeding to your attention. In order to confirm your participation you have to fill in an application form and to pay the registration fee.
The fee for participation in the conference is 4,000 (65 rubles/€ = 62 €).
Venue: UMTS Golitsyno. Moscow region.
The cost of accommodation and catering (3 times per day):
Double room: 2400 RUR / day * 3 days = 7200 rubles or 110 € (per 1 person).
Single room: 3380 RUR / night * 3 nights = 10140 rubles or 155 €.
Please, we kindly recommend you to book your participation in advance. The number of places in the congress center “Golitsyno” is limited, but we will be glad to see everyone! The acceptance of applications for participation before February 1, 2017. More details regarding conference program can be found on their website: www.deerland.ru