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International antler competition and IDUBA-coorganized meeting on “successful breeding ” in Latvia, 25-28 July 2017

The results of competition you can find here, please
Red deer antler competition results 2017
Fallow deer antler competition results 2017

Dear colleagues and friends of IDUBA!
Once again, our IDUBA Vice President and President of the Association of Farmers of Organic Agriculture and Wildlife, Dr. Dainis Paeglitis, is going to organize the International Deer Antler Competition, in addition to a conference organized jointly with IDUBA, entitled “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Successful Deer Management”.
The event will bring together the leading deer breeders of Europe and Russia (and other countries), scientists, veterinarians, hunters, farm managers, fencing and infrastructure companies, nutrition producers of best feeds for excellent trophies, exporter-importer of antlers, processing companies of venison and other types of meat, companies for improving genetics of the herd. Do not miss your chance to meet professionals and exchange experiences!!!
-Participation in the international competition with the best examples of deer antlers. There is the opportunity to impress potential customers and there is a possibility to buy the best stags with impressive antlers for your farm.
-Search for business partners. This is a unique opportunity for companies that produce feed, fencing and all other types of companies, to show your products to customers throughout Europe.
-Visiting a scientific conference. To learn the latest applied technologies and scientific information about trophy antlers of the largest sizes, reproduction, genetic, about the best methods of managing of deer, feeding in on farms and in deer parks and game states.
-Exchanging of experience with other managers, breeders, veterinarians, technologists. To consult with the best specialists in the field of deer breeding.
-To have the opportunity to visit one of the best farms in Europe.
-To come to visit the beautiful and hospitable city of Riga.
The Programme of the meeting:
The antlers for competition can be sent 2 days earlier than the conference, but meeting will be held on July 26 and 27. July 28 will be the award ceremony, which Dainis organizes every year so beautifully.
Attention!!! The first day of the conference will be held in Riga- it will be 26th of July! The other events will be held in Saulstari Deer Farm, in Sigulda (Latvia). There will be organized a transfer for participants of the conference, including the following routes in a such way that it will be convenient for everyone who will stay in the hotel in Riga, Sigulda or More:
26 July (in the morning) – bus route: More – Sigulda – Riga
26 July (after dinner) bus route: Riga – Sigulda – More.
27 July (in the morning) bus route: Riga – Sigulda – More
27 July (after conference) bus route: More – Sigulda – Riga.
28 July (in the morning) bus route: Riga – Sigulda – More.
28 July (after event) bus route: More – Sigulda – Riga.


Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
Republikas laukums 2, Riga, Hall 315

10.30 – 11.00 Registration, coffee
11.00 – 13.30 Talks, presentations
13.30 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 16.00 Talks, presentations

Light meal or drink
Guided tour throught the Old Town Riga
Dinner (not included in participation fee)

Thursday, July 27th, 2017
Safari Park More

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee
11.00 – 13.30 Talks, presentations
13.30 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 17.00 Practical demonstrations on field
Free beer is available permanently!!!

Friday, July 28th, 2017
Safari Park More
THE CEREMONY OF AWARDING THE WINNERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF ANTLERS IN 2017, very likely attendance of Minister of Agriculture of Latvia!!! Archery games, awards,show, beer ad libitum and great BANQUET.

IDUBA members are provided with a discount for registration. For this it is necessary to send a valid Diploma of the member of the Association. The stands for sponsors of IDUBA are free, as before.
For registration of participants, evaluation of antlers, hotel booking and detailed information about this, please, contact Dainis Paeglitis at: deerparks@inbox.lv.
The Programme for conference so far is this:
Tommy Svensson (Eu. bison Conserv. Center, Sweden). Have you thought about breeding bisons? What you need to know about European Bison management.
Angel Moya (Deer Export, velvet & hard antler export Company, Spain). What you need to know to start the business of velvet antler and other deer products.
Dr. Dainis Paeglitis (BLSDAA,Latvia. Quality demand of live animal and deer products trading.
Prof. Landete-Castillejos (UCLM-Spain). Research on deer lactation and advices for management success.
Prof. Igor Vudmaska (Inst. Anim. Biology, Ukraine’s Nat. Acad. Agric. Sci., Ukraine).​ Basics ruminant nutrition. Peculiarities of deer feeding.
Sergey Aliskerov(Deerland,Russia). White tailed deer breeding and prospects in Russia.
Javier Martin (Venison, Spain). Innovation in deer venison: from the new markets in Arab countries to velvet production for local Chinese population.
Yolanda Fierro (La Morera game estate, Spain). Lessons from daily management of a game estate in Spain: what 35 years of experience can teach you.
Gediminas Vaitiekunas (Lithuania). Deer breeding in Lithuania.
Uldis Plūmīte (Latvia).Design and manufacture of standard and non-standard metal structures.
Dr. Bartolomej Dmuchovsky (Poland).Basic of deer handling .
PVD, research institute BIOR (Latvia). The title of the talk still not determined.
Evita Leitāne (Food and Veterinary Service, Latvia). Game meat inspection.The most common diseases during meat inspection.
Latvian Food and Veterinary Service. (Latvia). Meat parasites. Parasites in meat.
Radovan Kasarda (Slovakia).Trophy based selection and trophy improvement-what are the consequences on natural populations.
Aleksander Sakanov (Safari Park Mushkino, Kaliningrad, Russia). Video talk: cutting, storage and uses of velvet in Safari Park Mushkino.
Visiting VILSA factory.
Talks by IDUBA sponsors :
Sergey Aliskerov(Deerland ,Russia).The current situation of the maintenance and breeding of hunting resources in the semi-voluntary conditions and artificially created habitat in various
regions of the Russian Federation.
Dr. Ing. Jiří Krátký (VVS, Czech Republic). Sophisticated nutrition.Practical experience & application free-choice minerals like pathway to your trophy.
J Silva Moreira (Portugal). News on the Fencing Business.
There is a possiblity that the Deputy Director of North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA), Shawn Schaffer, may also attend and give us a particularly interesting talk.
Also, depending on a compromise, our vicepresident Norbert Ullmann (Germany) could also come and give a talk (logically, the topic of the report is not defined until he can confirm attendance).

The final list of speakers and reports is not ready yet, we will inform you later! We invite you to join the discussion. You can suggest topics that you consider relevant for coverage at the conference. Your proposals will be considered by the organizing committee and may incorporated into the program.
It is possible to propose yourself as a speaker. For such proposal, you need to send abstracts of your anticipated report (UP TO JULY 1!) to: Tomas.Landete@uclm.es. The report time is up to 15 minutes. The organizing committee of the conference will consider the topics proposed by you and inform you about entering the report into the program. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select reports

For membership,sponsorship or stands, please, contact Dr. Tomas Landete-Castillejos by mail: Tomas.Landete@uclm.es.

Accommodation and meals during the conference:
We recommend you to take care of your accommodation in advance. Regarding hotel booking and catering services during the event, getting recommendations about nearby hotels and detailed information, please, contact Dr. Dainis Paeglitis : deerevent@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation in the conference!
See you soon in Latvia!!!
The cost of participation in the event can be found here: participation-fee-2017

International antler competition and OFWABA(Organic Farmers and Wild Animal Breeders Association)-IDUBA annual deer breeding conference “Theoretical and practical aspects for successful deer farming experience” , Latvia,25-28 of July 2016.

Dama dama antler competition results 2016

Red deer antler competition results 2016

We propose you to take part this year in new edition of OFWABA( ORGANIC FARMERS and  Wild Animal Breeders Association)-IDUBA annual deer breeding conference with the title “Theoretical and practical aspects for successful deer farming experience.”  It will take place on the 27th and 28th of July. As in previous editions, it will take place simultaneously with the international antler competition, which takes place from 25th till 28th of July (last day for antler submission- 27th). On the 29th of July there will be the awards ceremony  and socialization that so wonderfully Dainis organizes every year. The events  will take place in Saulstari Deer Farm, Sigulda, Latvia. As last year, it consists of a technical meeting with talks by scientists and deer breeders for other breeders and deer professionals  plus practical training and the international antler valuation competition.

IDUBA members have a discount in the registration. Stands are free for IDUBA sponsors, as in previous editions.

For antler valuation, hotel booking, and related information, please contact Dr. Dainis Paeglitis at deerparks@inbox.lv.

For suggestions of talks (abstract deadline 1st of July), sponsorship or stands, please contact Dr. Tomas Landete-Castillejos at Tomas.Landete@uclm.es.

2016 DGM Participation fees you can find here

IDUBA annual presidium meeting, Spain, 7-11 of March 2016

IDUBA annual presidium meeting will take place in the hotel in Costa Adeje, Island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, from 7-11th March. Topics to be discussed will be, among others, to design strategies for growth of IDUBA, particularly in Russia and Belarus.

VVS Vermerovice Meeting, Czech republic, March 2016

IDUBA sponsor VVS Vermerovice will organize a meeting jointly with IDUBA and Institute of Animal Science (IAS,Prague,CZ) on the 30th in Jablonné nad Orlicí (Czech Republic), in the hotel Filipinum (www.filipinum.cz), starting from 12.00 pm.

The name of the conference is ” Deer nutrition and feeding”.

You can see the program and make on-line registration: www.feedfordeer.com.

DGM,Latvia, 28-31 July 2015

International antler competition, and IDUBA-LWABA-BIOR congress Deer Genetics and Management 2015, 28-31 July in Latvia.

Dear IDUBA members, DGM 2015, with the name of “IMPROVEMENT OF RED AND FALLOW DEER STOCK QUALITY” took part in Saulstari Deer Farm, Latvia, from 29th to 31st of July 2015. Members can find in the private part the pdf of all the talks, whereas members and non-members can see here the results of the international antler competition for red and fallow deer. Please find here the link to the pdf of rankings. You can also find an information about this meeting in our Newsletter July – August 2015 on our web-site: http://iduba.info/news/ , members of IDUBA can find the full version of this Newsletter in the private part of the site using their personal passwords.

Take PDF Results of the International Antler Competition, Latvia

Dear members of IDUBA, we invite you to take part this year in deer breeding conference and antler competition that will take place in Safari park More, Latvia during the last week of July. As last year, it consists of a technical meeting with talks by scientists and deer breeders for other breeders and deer professionals; plus the international antler valuation competition.

Antler valuation: you should bring last antlers grown (in 2014, cut or cast). Each participant can bring up to 6 antler pairs. There are several categories, so that although it is very difficult to be absolute champion, you stand also a good chance in one of the categories. Antlers can be brought up to 30th of July. This is not participated by IDUBA, so you should only contact: deerparks@inbox.lv.

There is a discount for IDUBA members. So, please, send the certificate of membership/renewal for 2015 to deerparks@inbox.lv

DGM will be held on the 29th-31st of july with the title “Improvement of Red and Fallow Deer Stock Quality”. The areas of talks (10 to 16h every day), still under negotiation, are: 1) Biotechnology and deer farming; 2) Animal training for intensive breeding; 3) Deer Basics of Farming; 4) Antler composition – feeding relationships; 5) Veterinary care; 6) Deer management and selection; 7) Deer farming in East European countries – Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan; 8) Genetic valuation of red deer and fallow deer stags.

Speakers (approved till today): Dr.Dainis Paeglitis (Latvia), Dr.T.Landete-Castillejos (Spain), Dr. Bartłomiej Dmuchowski (Poland), Dr. Jaroslav Pokorádi (Slovakia), Ondřej Faltus (Czech Republic), Tofiq Hasanov (Azerbaijan) and more.

We kindly ask all persons who are interested to participate in the conference –please, apply for participation and send us abstracts of the talk till 5 of July: Tomas.Landete@uclm.es
Working language is English. The Russian translation will be provided.

For IDUBA sponsors: Free exposition, poster and stand places. Presentation time during the conference on July 31st.
For sponsorship, advertisements, stands, posters etc .,please, contact the president of IDUBA Dr.Tomas Landete-Castillejos by e-mail: Tomas.Landete@uclm.es

More information,please,find in the pdf files or if you e-mail us at info.iduba@gmail.com

DGM, Latvia, August 2014

DGM ,Latvia, August 2014 (Deer Genetics and Management; DGM)

Deer Genetics and Management (DGM) was the second edition of the congress from scientists and deer professionals to deer breeders (like EMAD in 2013). It took place in Saulstari deer farm (www.safariparks.lv), near Sigulda, Latvia.
International Deer and Ungulate Breeders Association IDUBA
Latvian Wild Animal Breeders Association LWABA
Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment „BIOR”

4th – 7th of August  – Not exactly part of DGM, Saulstari deer farm organied a deer show and valuation, an international competition for best cast antlers of red and fallow deer antlers. Participants came from Latvia (15 Latvian deer breeding farms) as well as representatives from Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, England, Spain, Russia, Belorussia and other countries.
6th – 7th of August  – Took place the scientific conference “Deer Genetics and Management”.
8th of August  –Took place the award ceremony, exposition, party

EMAD ,Spain, September 2013

European Meeting on Antlers and Deer (EMAD)

It was a meeting to learn about the latest applied techniques and science to grow larger antlers, improve management and nutrition of deer in captivity (farms) or semi-captivity (deer parks and game estates). It was also a fair on deer, so that on the one hand, deer breeders brought their photos of their best stags to show to people interested in deer from all over Europe. It was a place to make business: buy good stags for your farm, sell deer with impressive antlers to deer parks, game estates, sell trophies to hunters, etc. Also, this was a meeting to exchange experience with other deer breeders, managers, technologists, etc. As a fair, it was a unique opportunity for nutrition companies, and all other types of companies, to show their products to buyers all over Europe.
EMAD took place from 9 th of September 2013 till 13 th of September 2013 in Albacete, Spain.